Young Horse Training

When your young horse is ready to be ridden, he may be confused with the amount of information he needs to process now. Yulia is providing services full of patience and experience to educate young horses "by the book." Every horse is treated individually according to his personality, age and body type in order to teach him to love his new life and to willingly cooperate with people.

Grown Up Horse Training

Your horse has matured and is now ready to become an athlete. Yulia is providing services of methodical, physiology- and psychology-based equine training. Gradual, consistent building up of a muscle core, as well as providing him good psychological experiences, will lead your horse to the maximum of his physiological abilities, whether it is in jumping or dressage. Yulia is experienced in building show jumpers all the way up to Grand Prix level and in providing very solid basics to dressage horses.

People Training

Lessons with Yulia are only available on your own horse, so it would work for you if you already own/lease or are willing to buy/lease a horse. The fun and disciplined way of Yulia's lessons will keep you in love with your sport while you grow through the levels. Lessons are available for all levels of show jumpers and up to 4th level dressage. Contact her to discuss details.

Help with Finding a Perfect Equine Partner

In her system of training horses, Yulia believes that matching a rider with his horse should be based on the physiological and psychological peculiarities of each. She would be happy to share her knowledge and experience in order to find you the perfect equine partner.

Catch Rides

Usually, Yulia considers the training of a horse as a well-planned, long-term project; that is, in her experience, a route to success. However, life is full of different occasions, so it happens that sometimes your horse might benefit from short-term, or occasional training with Yulia as well. You can discuss all the details of the catch ride service over the phone or by appointment.