Lauren Mourmouris

Kimberlee Farms

I manage a small Dutch breeding barn which involves developing several young horses each year.  We have been fortunate to have Yulia ride for us for the past several months. She brings a very open and positive approach to training the horses. She treats each one as an individual and is very sensitive to their needs. She’s presently riding 6 youngsters from 3 to 7 years old and they have all progressed beautifully.  It’s a pleasure to work with someone who has the horses best interest and success in their heart.  


Alana Greenfield

Trainer at Santa Anita Park;Del Mar; Los Alamitos Race Track

Yulia, I wanted let you know how much I appreciate your great talent with horses.  You were always so professional and had the horses best interest at heart, and with your knowledge and expertise you have brought several of my horses to their best potential, whether it be for jumping, pleasure riding or just to get and keep them fit. Thank you again and keep up the great work.


Kristen and Michael Gara

We are enthusiastically writing a letter of recommendation for Yulia Bratkovskaya. Our daughter was one of her students for 3 years. In all honesty, we are not horse people so while our daughter’s riding skills greatly improved while working with Yulia, we cannot speak to Yulia’s equestrian expertise. We can say unequivocally that through their training, Yulia made a connection that helped our daughter in that critical transition from tween to young woman. Yulia’s lessons taught our daughter life lessons including being more confident in herself and more understanding of others. These lessons are already helping her in other areas of her life and we know will serve her well going forward. 

As she worked with our daughter, Yulia developed a relationship that went beyond trainer/student. Our daughter needed someone who was not a one-size-fits-all trainer with the same program for every student. She found that in Yulia. She made the effort to really know our daughter and would talk to us about what she was seeing and hearing during their sessions. As their relationship developed, Yulia knew when she could push hard in training to get over a fear and gain a new skill but also when to pull back and listen. 

Yulia became like a trusted aunt or big sister. We will always feel a special connection to her and appreciate that she so enthusiastically became part of the village that has helped us raise our daughter. She made our daughter a better rider but, more importantly to us, a better person. 


Julia Vadkovskaya

I rode and had my horse with Yulia for many years. What can I say). There are many refined professionals out there that excel in some field, there are few that have knowledge about all sides of horse well being and always eager to learn more. Yulia is among the latter. Aside from being a talented and professional show jumping rider and trainer, she will take a horse of any breed, age or skill and make sure she /he shines the brightest of his/her abilities. Being a gifted horse person, Yulia is also a fantastic trainer for people of all ages and levels. There are a lot of trainers out there that just sort of oversee your circles are somewhat round and you can get over a poll. Yulia is not one of them. I believe she has a talent to see about exactly how far a rider can be pushed, so she will make sure you excel in your skill and understand your horse better. On the days you are not riding, she will help your horse to be more understanding of you and the task he has. She will also teach you horsemanship on whichever level you are, a child that’s just stepping in to the barn, or a seasoned rider that had seen quite a few show grounds. It’s always a pleasure to work with Yulia and to see her work. And there is always something to learn. If I could recommend anyone as a trainer for you and your horse, that would be her. 


Lisa Gallagher

Yulia, The passion you have for what you do has helped Emma become the strong and confident rider she is today.  Your guidance and support help build the foundations she needs to continue  her dreams as a rider.  Thank you for  your hard work and  dedication! We are so lucky to have found a gem like you!


Annie Knyazyan

Yulia is an amazing trainer! I was pretty much green when Yulia first started training me, I didn't know much about horsemanship or horses at all. Because her teaching methods and overall structure is extremely organized, I quickly learned a lot about the basics, and fundamentals of equestrianship. I could tell Yulia really wanted me to exceed, and I always felt like she believed in me which really touched my heart. She would answer all my questions in detail, basically she is a walking encyclopedia with the horse world. I would stay at the barn after my lessons and watch her train horses, and others. She is incredibly natural and never gives up, on the student or horses. I hope one day I can be as great of a leader as Yulia, she is a true inspiration.


Kathryn Burdett Griffiths

Sunset Equine Farms

I had just given birth to my first child and was in the middle of the season of coaching the USC Equestrian team and needed help getting my young, difficult mare back in shape. Yulia was very professional and did a very thorough job and got the mare back to where I had left off before pregnancy. I was able to quickly get back to her training thanks to Yulia’s hard work.


Gail Alterwitz

Amazing Grace Stables. Las Vegas

What’s on my mind is that I want to thank Yulia Bratkovskaya, who has been training my beautiful horse Leonardo. She has taken great care in exposing him to wash racks, jumps, mirrors, cows etc. in addition to being an excellent rider taking her time to bond with him. Very rarely in this business, but yet so often we are quickly to condemn, but don’t stop enough to give thanks and praise in this very difficult sport. Clients often don’t realize the years we take to perfect our craft to pour out and what it really takes to make a horse successfully and correctly to the levels. Amateurs need to take the time to acknowledge their trainers and trainers need to appreciate your good clients and give generously for them and the horses benefit. My horse has had a good start thanks to Anke Magnussen and Yulia Bratkovskaya. So often we pour into students and horses and suddenly the horses are pulled from us. It can be very difficult for not only the horse but also the trainers who have formed a special relationship such is our sport both sides need to be sensitive to this delicate balance of things and trot on!


Robert Chelberg

World Cup Grand Prix Rider

Yulia was classically trained in Europe by some of the greats including Frankie Sloothaak.  She has the ability to train advanced riders as well as beginners.  Yulia has been extremely helpful getting me back in the show ring after having taken several years off. 


Sara Camp

Daughter Amelia

Yulia is truly a wonderful trainer and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for one! My daughter was a novice rider when she began and is now very confidant with a horse and has learned from Yulia the foundations she needs to be able to have correct form and skill with her riding.Yulia exudes professionalism and confidence with her training at the same time allowing the rider to have fun and enjoy themselves as they learn the skills needed to ride and jump the horses for competition. In short, we love her!

Noa Athena

International model

I have been riding for many years. I have had many trainers in Los Angeles and Sweden. After riding for six years I felt stagnant in my abilities and I seemed to have hit a wall. Then I met Yulia and watched how she worked with the horses. She started working with horses that had specific issues that other riders or trainers couldn’t seem to fix. She excelled in each endeavor and I learned so much from her. From riding techniques to how to care for horses and to spot injuries. As a trainer she has been very attentive to my needs and how to become a better rider by getting in touch with the basics and how to undo unhelpful techniques I had aquired along the way. On top of being a great trainer she also became a friend that always looked out for whats best for me. I am so grateful to have a mentor that has a great passion for horses.